Not-So-Secure Software Factories Sat, 9 Nov 2019 1:00pm (1h) Saturday Speaker Talks, Stones River

Everyone is doing DevOps, or so they say. Problem is, no one is doing it well - much less securely. Agile software development practices can solve your need for speed, but as organizations race to the finish line, some are riding on loose wheels and cut brake lines without even knowing it.

Why is everyone racing so fast? What are these secure software factories trying to solve? How do you break into the factory and steal their secrets? Is there anything you can do to batten down the hatches? Join in for some mischief and phun with software development lifecycles!

Ken Moini (Lead Solution Architect at Fierce Software) Nashville, TN

Grew up young hacking 386, modded Xbox was sick

Ran game on game engines, busted out as a web hellion

Went on some white-hat cracking for prevention and security

Finding backdoors, people hacking, none of this is new to me

Spent some time on my grind slinging big steaks and wine

Now on the day to day, you can find me online

Working for Fierce Software as the Lead SA

Rolling Open-Source, that's our bet, it's that play

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