Automation, DevSecOps, and Kubernetes: A Course for Crash Test Dummies Fri, 8 Nov 2019 2:00pm (1h) Friday Speaker Talks, Stones River

No longer are we in an age of BASIC and dip-switches. OK, you can still find those in some scary places, but today's landscape is cloud-native, integrated, and is disseminated from the push of a commit. We now live in an era where an increasing portion of the world around us is being built by Secure Software Factories

Where do you start with these new technologies? What's hot or not? Will automation make you and your role obsolete? Learn all this, interact with a live Kubernetes cluster, and more!

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Ken Moini (Lead Solution Architect at Fierce Software) Nashville, TN

Grew up young hacking 386, modded Xbox was sick

Ran game on game engines, busted out as a web hellion

Went on some white-hat cracking for prevention and security

Finding backdoors, people hacking, none of this is new to me

Spent some time on my grind slinging big steaks and wine

Now on the day to day, you can find me online

Working for Fierce Software as the Lead SA

Rolling Open-Source, that's our bet, it's that play

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