Password game show Sat, 9 Nov 2019 4:00pm (1h) Saturday Speaker Talks, Stones River

It's back again and better than ever. Some gifts keep on giving. The leak of Adobe users in 2013 has given the infosec community years of enjoyment, some of which we'll now share with you. This event is a gameshow, with the objective to identify the weakest of passwords. Volunteers from the audience will compete against the clock and themselves as human password guessing machines.

mog mog boston

His name is Mog, he is a six-foot tall ape descendant. He is a father, hacker at makers local 256, and generally a free software hippie. Ask him about erlang, elixir, gpl, emacs, gEDA, GNUradio, or really bad movies and he will talk your ear off.

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