Hacking Time: My Journey into Getting the Most Out of Every Minute Fri, 8 Nov 2019 11:00am (1h) Friday Speaker Talks, Stones River

In this talk I tell the story of how I have learned to manage my projects and time on a shoe string budget to realize my life vision and goals. It all started when working as a contractor for a web development agency that pays by the hour. We were expected to keep track of every minute of time spent working for each individual client we had, becoming quickly cumbersome. It was at this point I started looking for tools to help make the process go smoother. Given that I was being paid to track every minute of my job, I started tracking every minute of my day. After leaving the agency to become self-employed I started playing with various project management methods and continued tracking my time. I'd like to share my experiences of that journey: what worked and was helpful, and what was literally a waste of time and should be avoided.

Marc Brosey (Technical Lead at Entreos) Lenoir City, Tennessee

Like probably nearly everyone else at the PhreakNIC conference, I'm just a guy with a talent for technology. I'm always pursuing better organization and control over my data and devices to create and enjoy my own digital garden of Eden. I feel the sooner we can get to that Cyberpunk utopia many of us have dreamed of, the better. We'll certainly have more fun. I've been a software developer for over 10 years; I've been in IT for over 13 years. I'm currently working with Entreos to build a web native operating system for developers, consultants, and users to easily work together to get the web apps and features they need.

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