"Pen Testing" for Makers/Artists Fri, 8 Nov 2019 4:00pm (1h) Friday Speaker Talks, Stones River

This talk will consist of a discussion on how and why I got into the hobby of Pen Turning, and how the myth of getting rich quick from this hobby is a lie... The process "I" use to make a pen, Pen turning is an artform therefore the way I do it isn't the only way, or even the "correct" way. I will also touch on how to make your own pen blanks out of resin, which can be a hobby all of its own. We will briefly go over the differences in Ballpoints, Rollerballs, and Fountain Pens. Depending on logistics of equipment and permission to make a mess there may be a Demo.

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Robert Spurlin (Owner at Spurlin Woodworking) Grovetown, GA

Robert has been in IT since he was 20. He has been an MMO gamer since EQ2 in 2005. Robert has attended PhreakNIC most years since PN14 and has previously given a talk about making Jerky. He has a day job as a Senior Networking Engineer, to support his pen turning addiction, for a small Fiber to the Home ISP in Georgia. He has been Turning Pens since December of 2017 and has made between 300 and 400 pens so far. In Addition to Pen Turning he is also learning to Pen Test to win this years NetKOTH... ;) So look for him there if you want to talk further about Pen Turning / Turning / Woodworking in General.

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